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By: Ray Norman | January 31, 2016

If your marketing utilizes radio, television or web commercials, It makes sense to invest in quality production, even if it means a slightly smaller media buy.  Why? Well, imagine if you will... 

By: Ray Norman | January 12, 2016

voice over website gimmick

Whether you need a professional voice for your Radio and TV ads, or your website's promotional video, great voiceover can take your production to the next level. You want to go beyond strapping a headset mic on your receptionist, right?

Yet, with so many voice-over services on the interwebs, who do you trust your project to?

As an experienced voice actor and producer, I spend time on both sides of the glass. I’ve learned a few things that I think can help you streamline your voice talent search. The key is knowing what to look for...


First, choose talent you know will be there when you need them- every time you need them. Because when you need to update your content, you want the same voice, right?  Of course you do!  Bec...

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