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By: Ray Norman | March 22, 2016

generate ideas now

Whether you’re a graphic artist struggling with a new logo, a musician searching for a riff, or a CEO looking for innovation in your business- you routinely face the task of coming up with something new. You must be creative.

If the very idea of being creative finds you paralyzed and unable to think, let alone create, you need a plan that will work consistently. If you’re less artistic and more logical, you may already have a creative block- but before you decide creativity isn’t for you, and pass this article along to your bearded hipsters down the hall, consider this: 

Being creative and being innovative are the same thing.  

So if you're wearing a tie and shiny shoes, take heart. Don’t let the word “creative” trip you up because it conjure...

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By: Ray Norman | January 31, 2016


If your marketing utilizes radio, television or web commercials, It makes sense to invest in quality production, even if it means a slightly smaller media buy.  Why? Well, imagine if you will... 

By: Ray Norman | January 12, 2016

voice over website gimmick

With so many voice actors and voice-over services on the interwebs, who do you trust your project to? 

As an experienced voice actor and producer, I spend time on both sides of the glass. I’ve learned a few things that I think can help you streamline your voice talent search.  The key is knowing what to look for...


Firstly, and most importantly-- choose talent you know will be there when you need them- every time you need them. 

That’s not as easy as it sounds. 

Consider that since many voice actor websites do NOT filter the talent- the majority of the voice-over people on those sites are non-professional or semi-pro. This does not imply they are not good people or lacking in talent, but it does suggest that they ...

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