Ray Norman
Sound Design, Music & Voiceover

Sound is part of your branding.

Custom sound design is sonic branding you own.


That pop hit sound

Licensing popular music for advertising is almost always cost prohibitive. 

Producing original music that sounds like a Billboard hit is not only doable- it's ideal! 

This whimsical custom advertising song was inspired by the beach itself!


Music that drives the story

Synchronicity.  Rhythm.  Impact.

Custom music and sound design means having complete control, and hitting visual cues with dead-on accuracy. This original track was scored to the finished video edit.


Soundtracks that inspire

Musical tension and release creates expectation and anticipation. This original composition was created in response to powerful archival footage.

Jingles and Audio Logos for your sonic branding

Quick, memorable and even fun!

Stock Production Music

But wait!

You just need a radio spot produced--like today!

I have literally thousands of stock production music cuts at my fingertips.

That means super-quick turnaround, and cost-effective production.