Ray Norman
Sound Design, Music & Voiceover


The voice actors you choose become part of the product's branding.

As a professional voice actor, I'm in this for the long term- just like your brand.

Downloadable demos


Bright, energetic voiceover

Voice acting means injecting meaning and emotion into the script. It means subtle adjustments to how words are pronounced and accented, bringing genuine excitement to Radio & TV ads.


Sincere authority

Authoritative voiceover doesn't have to be over the top.  Voice tone is everything when communicating.

Combined with hard-hitting sound design, a smokey, urgent delivery draws the audience in.


Explain it to me

Sometimes the line between promotional and educational multimedia is blurred. Often, both goals can be accomplished together. A bright, enthusiastic voice tone (and some enhancing sound design) get the job done in this promotional video.


Industrial Promotion

Professional voiceover does more than just explain the product- it projects an image.  Embedded website videos and YouTube content benefit from a solid, well-recorded voice.


Web ad Voiceover

Targeted content doesn't have to be static print. I not only voiced this ad, I wrote and recorded the musical score, which was used throughout the campaign in all ads.  

Consistency in voice and music are key to audio branding.


Voiceover for Event Promotion

If you want a big audience, you need a big voice.  Here's hard-hitting voiceover for  sports, concerts and anything with a  big stage. I gained 20 pounds to prep for these commercials. 

Ok, I'm kidding.  ;-) 


I'm always happy to audition for any voice acting opportunity. Send me your script, and I'll send you back a

voiceover sample of your material. I'm a full-time producer, so I can get it to you fast. Every time.