Ray Norman

Speak to your Market



Upbeat Commercial Voice Over for a friendly approach to radio and television advertising

Serious Narration for documentaries, guided tours,  industrial training & education.


High Energy Commercial Voice Over for urgent  or hard sell radio and television advertising. 

Light, Upbeat Narration for marketing & explainer videos, and interactive multimedia 

Downloadable audio-only demos

If you need a voice over fast, I can get it to you fast. Every time. 

Over 25 years as a full-time voice actor and sound designer means I'm never far from a microphone or recording console. The benefit to my clients is that they always know where to find me. That's important when you need a voice talent, and don't have the time or patience to surf the net for someone who may not be there next time you need them.  If you're production schedule is measured in days- or hours- keep me on your shortlist.