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Rock Radio Imaging

Hard-hitting , old school voiceover that's edgy, bold and provocative. Perfect for listeners who wear black 6 out of 7 days.

Active Rock | Classic Rock | 80s Rock |

90's Rock | Country | Hot AC | Country


Soft AC Radio Imaging

Mother/daughter-friendly radio needs friendly imaging.  Bright, fun, smooth and breezy. 

Soft AC | Smooth AC | Pop CHR | Triple A


Talk Radio Imaging

Strong broadcast imaging for the thrill of sports, the urgency of news, and the faux drama of political programming.  Believability and authority. (with a hint of sass)

News | Talk | All Sports


Creative Radio Liners

I Don't write 'em, I just read 'em.  Except sometimes I re-write 'em.  And sometimes I just say weird stuff that pops in my head.  Some programmers are very OK with that.

Variety | Top 40 | Morning Drive

More than voice imaging...

Ask about turn-key production for your station's imaging.  I offer full-service sound design services.