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Radio Imaging
​Imaging Radio

Liners | Sweepers | IDs | Contest Promos

Demo Supercuts

  • Pop and Light Imaging
  • Sports New Talk Imaging
  • Rock and Hardsell Imaging

Fully Produced or Voice-only

Decades of experience as a producer mean you can count on speedy delivery month after month, year after year. 

More than just a voice: A production resource.

Morning Show Imaging

Sometimes you break the rules

I was given one simple direction for imaging Supey's morning show: Do whatever you want. They write 'em.  

I do weird voices, ad libs and other stuff. So far, so good.

Hit Radio

Hot AC | Pop CHR | Triple-A | Pop Country

Pop radio follows pop culture. A mixture of male and female voices assures reaching your entire audience. 

Relatable Voice Imaging

Soft AC | Smooth AC | Pop CHR | Triple A

Adult Contemporary radio needs a friendly vibe. Nothing edgy here. Just light production and breezy voiceover.

​Talent Branding

Creative Radio Imaging | Morning Drive Afternoon Drive | Specialty Shows

Personality-focused imaging will define your station's dayparts. Forget the same stale approach to liners. 

Think outside the box.

Classic Radio

Active Rock | Classic Rock | Mainstream Rock | Country | New Country

Hard-hitting production and deep voiceover that's edgy, bold and provocative. Perfect for radio that needs to cut like a blade.

The Voice of Authority

All News | All Sports | Talk | Political

Strong, broadcast imaging for the thrill of sports, the urgency of news, and the drama of political programming. Believability and authority––with a hint of sass.

Bookmark this page, because I'm here whenever you need me!

Will the voice you choose for your imaging be there next time you need them? In recent years, the number of voice and production services has increased exponentially, mostly due to the ease of posting on the web. Just so you know, I've been voicing and producing broadcast imaging since 1990. So you can bookmark my page with the knowledge that yes, I will be here when you need me, whether it's next week, next month or next year.

What Clients Have to Say...

"Program directors always told me that imaging was

window dressing, and not the main point of a radio show.  

Okay, whatever.  All I know is that since Ray started doing my imaging, our station has been at number one or number two every time."

Supey in the Morning

Coast 102, Biloxi, MS

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