Ray Norman

What does your brand

Jingle writers write jingles for car dealerships.

I create custom music expressing how it feels to drive a new car.

Sound Design Portfolio

I design sound for a wide range of clients. It's difficult to understand why a particular example sounds the way it sounds unless you understand what the mission was. That being said, below are just a handful of client examples.


That Pop Sound

Your brand is too valuable for stock music. But licensing a hit song for advertising is almost always cost prohibitive. Producing original music that sounds like a Billboard hit is not only doable- it's ideal! 

(Amazing vocalists make my job so much easier!)

Sonic Logos that Rock

Your brand is bold. Your audio logo should be bold.

If the shoe fits- rock out. This music was created after the visual was finished––synchronized to create stunning impact.

Corporate Audio Logo

Great sound design increases visual impact.

Place your audio logo at the beginning or end of your multimedia, Radio or Television content.

Groovy Audio Logo

A custom riff that belongs to this client alone! 

Numerous studies have found music to enhance the effectiveness of ads. Adding a custom musical audio logo to pre-roll or other short ads will reinforce your unique brand. 

Music that Drives the Story

Custom music and sound design means having complete control, and hitting visual cues with dead-on accuracy. This original track was scored to the finished video edit.

Audio Logo & Jingle Supercuts

A selection from over two decades of sound design

  • Jingles for Retail
  • Audio Logos for Retail and Restaurant
  • Audio Logos for Industrial and Technology
Stock Production Music

But wait!

YOU just need an ad produced––like TODAY!

All good! I have literally thousands of super-affordable stock music cuts at my fingertips. That means fast turnaround and cost-effective production. 

Struggling with a production concept?

An idea is only as great your ability to create it. I can help you realize your vision, step by step. And having a completed music production to pitch your client or boss is much easier than trying to explain it with words.

Send me an email and let's get started!

A word on pop music licensing

I'm often asked whether licensing a recognizable pop song for advertising is worth the investment. 

While cost is a huge factor, you also have to remember: Any pop song available for licensure to advertising––has been licensed before. Will the audience remember your ad- or someone else's ad when they hear that song? Pop songs are like really––and I mean reeealllly––expensive stock footage. 

Remember too that the audience will have its own association and memory of any recognizable pop tune. That association will have nothing to do with the advertiser or product. 

That's why original music, licensed to a single advertiser, is a far better value in most every case. 

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