Colorful hand of creation

Sound by Design  

Custom Sound Design is Sonic Branding You Own

That Pop Sound

Licensing a hit song for advertising is almost always cost prohibitive. Producing original music that sounds like a Billboard hit is not only doable- it's ideal!  Music enhances emotion, and emotion enhances ad recall.

Audio Logos

Imagine this ad with no sound: 

No fun at all! Countless studies have found music to enhance the effectiveness of ads. Adding a musical audio logo to pre-roll or other short ads will reinforce your unique brand. 

Music that Drives the Story

Synchronicity.  Rhythm.  Impact.

Custom music and sound design means having complete control, and hitting visual cues with dead-on accuracy. This original track was scored to the finished video edit.

Soundtracks That Inspire

Musical tension and release creates expectation and anticipation. This original composition was created in response to powerful archival footage.

Audio Logo & Jingle Supercuts

  • Audio Logos for Retail and Restaurant
  • Audio Logos for Industrial and Technology
  • Jingles for Retail

The process of creating original sonic branding involves understanding the client and market––and a good deal of experimentation. The end result is a harmonious blend of elements designed to create a powerful impression and strong connection to the audience's memory.

Stock Production Music

But wait!

YOU just need an ad produced––like TODAY!

All good! I have literally thousands of stock music cuts at my fingertips.  That means fast turnaround and cost-effective production.