Voice actor recording voiceover into a microphone

is Emotion

The Voice You Choose is an Investment in your Brand

Demo Supercuts

  • Bright Friendly Voiceover
  • Narration
  • Hardsell Voiceiver

How soon do you need it?

I'm never far from the microphone. If you need a voiceover today, no problem. If you need it again next month––

or next year––that's not a problem either. 

I'm always here.

Featured Content: The Art of Political Ad Voiceover

Nothing is as risky as politics. As a voice actor, I know that intonation, inflection and pace can make or break the success of a political ad. When a small fortune in campaign funding is on the line, my goal is to deliver more than just information. Sincerity, believability and emotion are everything when it comes to political ad voiceover. 

Political Ad Supercut
  • Ray Norman Political Ads

One voice, many deliveries


Nothing brings emotion and excitement like the human voice


Conveying authority doesn't mean you have to shout. Quite the opposite, in fact.


Explainer and promotion videos can be one and the same.

A perky voiceover helps bring the visual alive. 


A believable voice does more than sell. It projects a strong, positive image. 

Political Ad Voiceover

Political ads. This is where believability is most critical. This is where voice acting truly tests the voice actor. 


Radio, TV and big venues promoting big events. There's a time and place for a big voice. This is it. 

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