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No matter what you want to say, the right voice matters

The human voice can communicate up to 24 different emotions. That's why voice-over adds clarity, emotion and credibility to your message in a way nothing else can. As a voice actor, my aim is to understand what you want to communicate, and say it in a way that will make it impactful and memorable. Below are a handful of examples of what I can do with a script and a microphone.

Bright & Enthusiastic

Exciting and Sincere

Promotional explainer

Technology explainer

Deep & Dramatic

Informational & Promotional

Hardsell for big events

Educational "virtual teacher"

Voice-over supercuts
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  • Natural, Conversational Voice Over
  • Serious Professional Voice over
  • Instructional Educational Voice over
  • Hardsell & Automotive Voice over

How Soon do you Need It?

I'm a professional voice actor, so I'm never far from the microphone. If you need a voiceover today, no problem. If you need it again next month––

or next year––that's not a problem either. 

I'm always here. 

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What you need
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How do you hire the right voice actor for your project?

You need a voiceover. You Google it. You find an overwhelming universe of voice-over services and people who seem to offer what you're looking for. Whether you need a professional voice for your Radio and TV ads, or your website's promotional video,  you already know that great voiceover can take your production to the next level.

But with so many voice-over services on the web, who do you trust? 

The key is understanding the difference between full-time professional voice actors, and the myriad part-time dabblers looking to make extra money when they're free from their regular jobs.  Not to worry! Read the full article here for great tips and a little perspective.

Psssst... I work with some amazing women in the voice over industry!

If you'd like to hear samples of some of my most trusted gals in voice over, shoot me an email or ring me up to request their demos!