Voice actor recording voiceover into a microphone

Pro Voice over 
that's  believable

Voice over supercuts

  • Natural, Conversational Voice Over
  • Serious Professional Voice over
  • Instructional Educational Voice over
  • Hardsell & Automotive Voice over
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How Soon do you Need It?

I'm a professional voice actor, so I'm never far from the microphone. If you need a voiceover today, no problem. If you need it again next month––

or next year––that's not a problem either. 

I'm always here. 

One voice

Many deliveries...

Mature male voice that's friendly, warm, conversational, serious, deep and even over-the-top....


Need a voiceover audition?

I can get you a sample within hours

Use the form to the right, and I'll get you a quick demo read. 

Please be sure to indicate the style of read you're looking for, and any other important direction notes.

Optionally, you can direct me live. See info below:

Direct voice over sessions from wherever you are

Direct from your phone

Schedule a session, then call the studio patch line!
Studio Patch Line: 251. 268.9252
Direct a recording session from your phone

Direct with Source-Connect

Source-Connect is an easy way to direct the session 

in full-bandwidth stereo from your desktop, laptop 

or Android device. 

What you need
  • Password
  • Chrome browser (desktop or android)
  • Any microphone e.g. built-in laptop
  • Headphones or speakers

(opens Source-Connect in another tab)

Psssst... I work with some amazing women in the voice over industry!

If you'd like to hear samples of some of my most trusted gals in voice over, shoot me an email or ring me up to request their demos!